As the world leader in heat-tracing systems, Tyco Thermal Controls has the system that you need from pipe-freezing prevention or maintaining fluid temperatures, to melting snow and heating floors.

For commercial or residential applications, new construction or renovation, these smart solutions will perform perfectly for greater comfort and safety.

Self-Regulating Heating Cables is operated and owned by KSM Limited, a trade only distributor of cables, connectors, cabinets and accessories to a wide range of industries including the electrical, data networking, audio visual, security, telecommunications and home automation industries since 1991.

KSM Limited offers a huge range of cables from various manufacturers, but for heat tracing systems KSM solely concentrate on the promotion of Tyco Thermal Controls' range of intelligent self-regulating trace heating cables. Tyco are the world leader in trace heating systems, their quality of products and technical knowledge being second-to-none.

HouseHot Water Temperature Maintenance

The Raychem single-pipe system keeps water at the right temperature in a building’s water distribution pipe work. The intelligent system first keeps the investment cost low and then operates economically and efficiently.

Frost Protection for Pipes

The Raychem frost protection system prevents fluids in plastic and metal pipes from freezing. It also eliminates the danger of ice dams in gutters, or icicle formation.

Frost Protection & Snow Melting for Gutters, Roofs & Downpipes

Raychem self regulating snow melting systems thaw snow and ice, providing a path for melted water to drain safely off the roof, along the gutter and down the drainpipe.

Snow Melting of Ramps, Access Ways and Footpaths

Ice and snow on paths, loading bays, driveways, ramps, stairs and other access ways can present a major problem causing accidents and delays. To help prevent this Raychem provides a complete range of ground heating solutions to prevent snow and ice formation.