Raychem Accessories

Support Brackets

Support brackets are used to fix equipment such as thermostats or junction boxes on pipes or cable trays. Support brackets require additional pipe straps which have to be ordered separately.

They include a set of M6 and/or M4 fixing screws, nuts, washers and spring lock washers to secure one junction box or thermostat.


Raychem part number: 192932-000

Image of SB-100 Bracket
Plate size (mm) X x Y160 x 230
Distance pipe-plate (mm)100
Num. of pipe straps required2
Max. pipe temperature (°C)230
Weight (kg)0.70


Raychem part number: 990944-000

Image of SB-101 Bracket
Plate size (mm) X x Y160 x 160
Distance pipe-plate (mm)160
Num. of pipe straps required2
Max. pipe temperature (°C)230
Weight (kg)0.59


Raychem part number: 707366-000

Image of SB-110 bracket
Plate size (mm) X x Y160 x 130
Distance pipe-plate (mm)100
Num. of pipe straps required1
Max. pipe temperature (°C)230
Weight (kg)0.40


Raychem part number: 579796-000

Image of SB-111 bracket
Plate size (mm) X x Y130 x 130
Distance pipe-plate (mm)100
Num. of pipe straps required2
Max. pipe temperature (°C)230
Weight (kg)0.48


Raychem part number: 084799-000

Image of JB-SB-08

Single-leg support bracket for junction and connection box JB16-02.


Raychem part number: 852001-000

Image of RAYCLIC-SB-02

Support bracket for mounting RAYCLIC connections to a wall.



Raychem part number: 938947-000

Image of LAB-I-01 warning label

Warning labels indicate the presence of electrical heat-tracing under the insulation of the pipe or other equipment. Labels should be spaced at no less than 5 metres apart on the insulation surface.

Adhesive Tape


Raychem part number: C77220-000

Image of GT-66 adhesive tape

The Raychem GT-66 is a 20m roll of glass cloth adhesive tape for attaching heating cable to metal pipes.

Not for stainless-steel pipes or for installation temperatures below 4.4°C.

20m per roll, 12mm width.


Raychem part number: C77221-000

Image of GT-54 adhesive tape

Glass cloth adhesive tape for attaching heating cable to stainless steel pipes.

For stainless steel pipes or for any installation below 4.4°C.

16m per roll, 12mm width.


Raychem part number: 846243-000

Image of ATE-180 adhesive tape

Aluminium adhesive tape for attaching heating cables and thermostat sensors to pipes and tanks.

Minimum installation temperature: 0°C.

50m per roll, 63.5mm width

Pipe Straps

Image of pipe strap

Metal straps for pipe mounting of integrated power connections, above the insulation tees and end seals as well as support brackets and the tubular insulation entry.

Banding: stainless steel

Pipe outer diameter in mm (inches)Product CodeRaychem part numberWeight
20 - 47 (0.5" - 1.25")PSE-047700333-0000.017 kg
40 - 90 (1.25" - 3")PSE-090976935-0000.024 kg
60 - 288 (2" - 10")PSE-280664775-0000.052 kg
60 - 540 (2" - 20")PSE-540364489-0000.052 kg

Junction Boxes


Raychem part number: 946607-000

Image of JB-16-02 junction box

The JB-16-02 box is a standard, temperature-resistant polycarbonate junction box.

It may be used to make a power connection, splice, powered splice, powered tee or simple tee, for use with Raychem self-regulating heating cables.

Up to four heating cables, or three heating cables and the appropriate size power cable, can be connected through the four entries and connected to the rail mounted terminals.

For pipe mounting, it is recommended that this box is used with a Raychem support bracket (JB-SB-08).

Ingress ProtectionIP66
Terminal6 x 4mm² terminals
Screw connection4 Pg 11/16; 4 M20/25 knock-out entries

The JB-16-02 is applicable to heating cable for power connection and T-connection to the following cables.


Raychem part number: 1244-001147

Image of VIA-JB2 junction box

The VIA-JB2 box is a standard, temperature-resistant junction box for EM2-XR heating cables.

Ingress ProtectionIP66
Terminal3 x 16mm
for heating circuits up to C 50 A circuit breakers
Dimensions125 x 100mm.



Image of EM-SPACER

The Raychem EM-Spacer range provides a fixing and spacing solution for all ramp heating and surface snow melting cables including:

  • Mineral-Insulated (MI) snow melting kits
  • Polymeric constant wattage (EM4-CW) snow melting kits
  • ViaGard EM2-XR Self-regulating snow melting cables and configured units.
  • ViaGard EM2-R self regulating snow melting cables for light commercial and residential applications.
ProductDescriptionRaychem Part Number
VIA-SPACER-10mMetal heater cable spacer, 10m length (recommended for EM-MI-PACK)198398-000
VIA-SPACER-25mMetal heater cable spacer, 25m length (recommended for EM-MI-PACK)893869-000
EM-SPACER-PLPlastic heater cable spacer, 5m length, 25mm clip spacing1244-005177

Insulation Entry Kits

Insulation entry kits are designed to protect power cables and Raychem heating cables when passing through thermal insulation cladding on pipes, tanks or vessels.

These kits provides strain relief and environmental sealing. The IEK-25-04 is approved for use in hazardous areas.

Image of IEK-20-M Insulation Entry Kit
ProductDescriptionRaychem Part Number
IEK-20-MM20 Gland; for HWAT or FS-x-2X; cladding mounted, only for non-hazardous use1244-000965
IEK-25-04M25 Gland; for parallel heaters or power cables (8-17mm); cladding mounted332523-000



Raychem part number: 1244-012310

Image of GM-SEAL

Adhesive for sticking and sealing common construction materials with a base of polyurethane perfectly suitable for metal or plastic gutters, roofing tiles and even asphalt and bitumen surfaces.

Comes in a 300ml pack.


Raychem part number: 912791-000

Image of GM-RAKE

The Raychem GM-RAKE Hanger Bracket is used with Raychem IceStop heating cables. It provides mechanical protection of the cable as it goes over sharp edges and holds it in place at the top of drainpipe.

  • Fixing bracket/edge protection for drainpipes
  • Spacer for use in wide channels or gutters where more than one run of cable is required (a spacer is placed every 100 cm)
  • VA steel with UV-resistant cable ties KBL-9


Raychem part number: 153651-000


Roof clip to secure heating cables to roofs and gutters.

Adhesive can be applied on the underside of the roof clip. After curing of the adhesive the heating cable can be clipped between the clamps.

Packs of 50