Raychem EM2-CM-MAT Constant Wattage Cable Mat

Image of EM2-CM-MAT

EM2-CM is a constant wattage heating mat for simple, fast and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow and ice formation.

The “Roll-out” mat configuration allows fast installation whilst ensuring the required power output is installed.

The pre-terminated EM2-CM mat comes complete with a 4 metre cold lead, removing the need for on-site terminations. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold lead to the power junction box and control unit.

The EM2-CM mat is particularly suited to track heating of ramps, loading bays and driveways, but also emergency escape routes and pedestrian walkways.

Available Products

Product Dimensions Power Output (Watts) Circuit Breaker Size (Amps) Raychem Part Number
EM2-CM-MAT-2M 2m x 0.6m (1.2m²) 400 10 1244-004887
EM2-CM-MAT-3M 3m x 0.6m (1.8m²) 520 10 1244-004888
EM2-CM-MAT-4M 4m x 0.6m (2.4m²) 670 10 1244-004889
EM2-CM-MAT-5M 5m x 0.6m (3.0m²) 930 10 1244-004890
EM2-CM-MAT-7M 7m x 0.6m (4.2m²) 1140 10 1244-004891
EM2-CM-MAT-10M 10m x 0.6m (6.0m²) 1860 10 1244-004892
EM2-CM-MAT-13M 13m x 0.6m (7.8m²) 2560 16 1244-004893
EM2-CM-MAT-16M 16m x 0.6m (9.6m²) 2890 16 1244-004894
EM2-CM-MAT-21M 21m x 0.6m (12.6m²) 3730 20 1244-004895
Nominal Power output 300W/m²
Nominal Voltage 230Vac
Maximum exposure temperature (powered) 65°C
Maximum exposure temperature 65°C
Circuit Breaker Required Type C
Approvals/Certifications CE/VDE
Controller Units
Optional Panels