Raychem EM4-CW Constant Wattage Cable

Image of EM4-CW Cable

EM4-CW is a constant output heating cable for simple, fast, and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow and ice formation.

The pre-terminated EM4-CW cable comes complete with a 4m cold lead, removing the need for on-site termination activities. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold lead to the power junction box and “Smart” control unit.

The EM4-CW heating cable is designed for applications where a 3 phase (400V) supply is available.


  • Robust constant wattage heating cable with 25 W/m output.
  • Pre-terminated with 4m power cable to avoid on-site cable splicing/connection.
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts.
  • Available in many sizes to fit your application.
  • Combine with VIA-DU-20 controllers and SBS-xx-CW-40 multi-circuit Optional Panels for increased energy efficiency .

Available Products

Product Heater Length (Metres) Circuit Breaker Size (Amps) Raychem Part Number
EM4-CW-26M 26 10 1244-005182
EM4-CW-35M 35 10 1244-005184
EM4-CW-62M 62 10 1244-005188
EM4-CW-121M 121 10 1244-005191
EM4-CW-172M 172 16 1244-005194
EM4-CW-210M 210 20 1244-005196
EM4-CW-250M 250 20 1244-005198
Voltage rating 400 Vac
Nominal power output 25 W/m
Maximum circuit length from a single cable 250m
Typical installed cable output 250-300 W/m², dependent on cable spacing
Maximum exposure temperature 65°C
Approvals VDE / CE
Controller Units
Optional Panels