Raychem Frostguard System

FrostGuard Ready to Install Frost Protection Kits

Our range of FrostGuard products are designed for domestic water pipes and are ideal for boiler condensate pipes. Simple to install—just plug in and go!

Pre-terminated, self regulating, 10W/m frost protection cable for pipes. The product includes a 2.5m electrical cable and UK mains plug for quick and easy connection to the power supply and instructions.

Unlike constant wattage cables, this self regulating cable will not overheat and does not require a thermostat to regulate the temperature. The cable adjusts its power output dependent upon ambient temperature, therefore more heat is generated automatically when needed and less heat in warmer ambient conditions, therefore saving energy.

This product has now been officially discontinued by the manufacturer, however we still have limited stock of some lengths.

Please call us for availability and possible alternatives.

Product Information

  • Pre-installed with an electrical plug and cold lead to avoid the need for electrical wiring and connections.
  • Self regulating technology delivers just the heat that is needed.
  • Available in 10 sizes (varying length of heating cable).


  • The quickest and easiest installation possible. Simply plug into the RCD protected electrical supply and go!
  • Fix the cable to the pipe with GT-66 adhesive tape for steel pipes, GS-54 for stainless steel pipes, or ATE-180 aluminium tape for plastic pipes.

The application

  • Ideal for small diameter pipework up to 80mm.
  • An excellent solution for temporary pipe installations.
  • The right choice for domestic and small commercial buildings.

Product Selection

Product Heating Cable Length (m) Raychem Part Number
FrostGuard-2m-UK 2 1244-011339
FrostGuard-4m-UK 4 1244-011340
FrostGuard-6m-UK 6 1244-011341
FrostGuard-8m-UK 8 1244-011342
FrostGuard-10m-UK 10 1244-011343
FrostGuard-13m-UK 13 1244-011344
FrostGuard-16m-UK 16 1244-011345
FrostGuard-19m-UK 19 1244-011346
FrostGuard-22m-UK 22 1244-011347
FrostGuard-25m-UK 25 1244-011348
Nominal power 10W/m @ 5°C
Voltage 230 VAC
Max. exposure temperature (Powered) 65°C
Min. Installation temperature -10°C
Heating cable Self regulating cable with fluoropolymer jacket in compliance with IEC62395
Approvals CE/VDE approved

Frostguard-ECO (R-FG-CONT-ECO-UK)

Raychem part number:

Reduce operating energy usage by up to 80%

The Raychem FrostGuard-ECO pipe freeze protection control device gives an 80% energy saving delivering heat only when it is needed.

The controller is an accurate electronic device with an external sensor which can be placed either on the pipe (under the insulation) for line sensing control or can work as an ambient sensor for protection of heated systems. FrostGuard-ECO is “plug and play” with no electrical wiring involved; simply plug the heating cable into the controller and the controller into the electrical socket for instant protection against frozen pipes.

Unlike many domestic pipe freeze protection control products, FrostGuard-ECO uses electronic switching control rather than the older—and far less accurate—bi-metal switching technology. This means that FrostGuard-ECO only delivers heat when needed, saving energy over the more basic solutions.

Frostguard-ECO can be retro-installed onto an existing FrostGuard heating kit installation.