Raychem GM-2XT Self Regulating Cable

Raychem part number: 092961-000

Image of GM-2XT Self-regulating cable

Self-regulating heating cables for roof & gutter snow melting and de-icing.

Raychem GM-2XT heating cables provide roof and gutter snow melting and de-icing for following applications:

  • Roofs comprising standard roofing materials, including slate, bitumen, shingle, tar, wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Gutters of standard materials including metal and plastic
  • Drainpipes of standard materials, including metal and plastic.

The heating element of a GM-2XT consists of a continuous core conductive polymer extruded between two copper conductors. As current flows through the core, the heating cable regulates its heat output in accordance with ambient conditions. The self-regulating feature eliminates hot spots and results in better temperature control to protect roof and gutter materials.

The GM-2XT heating cable ensures maximum abrasion, chemical and mechanical resistance.

Power output (nominal)36 W/m @ 0°C in ice water
Supply voltage230 Vac
Max circuit length80m
Minimum installation temperature-18°C
Maximum exposure temperature65°C cont. power on (85°C intermittent)
Outer jacketFluoropolymer