Raychem Junction Boxes


Part Number: 946607-000

The JB-16-02 box is a standard, temperature-resistant polycarbonate junction box.

It may be used to make a power connection, splice, powered splice, powered tee or simple tee, for use with Raychem self-regulating heating cables.

Up to four heating cables, or three heating cables and the appropriate size power cable, can be connected through the four entries and connected to the rail mounted terminals.

For pipe mounting, it is recommended that this box is used with a Raychem support bracket (JB-SB-08).

Image of JB16-02 junction box


Part Number: 1244-001147

The VIA-JB2 box is a standard, temperature-resistant junction box for EM2-XR heating cables.

Image of VIA-JB2 support bracket

Product Specification

Ingress Protection IP66
Terminal 3 x 16mm
for heating circuits up to C 50 A circuit breakers
Dimensions 125 x 100mm